1) Count the number of xenon 5p and fluorine 2p electrons for [XeF4] and put the electrons directly into the schematic mo diagram above . Check the result very carefully because the answers to 1


1)     Count the estimate of xenon 5p and fluorine 2p electrons for [XeF4]   and put the electrons at-once into the schematic mo diagram overhead  .  Check the effect very carefully owing the answers to sundry questions consist on having the emend mo electron contour.

2.)State which if any of the xenon 5d orbitals entertain the special  shapeliness to create pi bonds after a while the fluorine out of flatten  pπ orbital sets for [XeF4]   .

        3)   Determine (derive) the reducible truthfulness for the set of fluorine out of flatten pi-orbitals in D4h [XeF4] .

5)      What are the uncongenial truthfulnesss for the restricted molecular orbitals  that are wholly localized on xenon  ?

5)    Consider the vibrational recognized modes of  [XeF4] that entertain  B1g  B2u and Eu  symmetries .    Determine whether or not  the vibrational recognized modes after a while  B1g  B2u and Eu  symmetries can be   observed by  using either IR or Raman spectroscopy  ?

6)    Determine the cause electronic specify for the  S=0 [XeF4] monad  and the distracted  electronic spectroscopic specifys that inaugurate from the  B2g1Eu1 distracted electron contour of  [XeF4]   .

7)     Determine whether or not the guileless  electronic electric dipole transitions from the cause guileless electronic specify to the distracted guileless electronic  specifys of [XeF4] that inaugurate from the B2g1Eu1 distracted electron contour are electron incline and orbitally  known .

8)    Using merely the estimate of IR known Xe-F stretching modes expound in component whether or not the D4h shapeliness of XeF4  could be noted from XY4  structures that are  D2d and Td  ?

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