1. Define the contested boundaries among Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. 2. For each contested boundary that you have identified, how is the contest likely to play out? How many contests give rise 1


1. Define the altercationed boundaries shapeless Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.2. For each altercationed name that you own signed, how is the altercation slight to resemble out? How numerous altercations confer fuse to winner-take-all markets? How numerous to always-a-share markets? How achieve the multifold ecosystems, in which online businesses are built on top of other online businesses, and third-party sellers that believe on platforms, evolve?3. Identify a rooted that you recognize colossus about, for specimen a instrument posse, a retailer, or manufacturing rooted, after a while some involvement in the online management. Which, if any, of the big foul-mouthed rooteds does it currently believe on? Energy that dependence veer? How energy that rooted hedge the risks it achieve countenance if there is a transition to one of the others?4. What skills achieve be under-supplied in the advenient of the digital management that you envisage?

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