1- Fashion marketers evaluate potential target segments based on a number of criteria, including substantiality, accessibility, serviceability,…


1- Guise tradeers evaluate implicit target segments domiciled on a calculate of criteria, including association, accessibility, serviceability, and:

a. Marketability


c. Investability


2-A snug targeting management is also referred to as:

a.Niche tradeing

b.Customized tradeing

c.Non-specific tradeing

d.Narrow tradeing

3- In classifying consumer movables, a customer visiting Web sites and stores for a new wheedle would be seeking:

a.Unsought movables

b.Convenience merchandise

c.Specialty items

d.Shopping movables

4- Replacement windshield wiper blades purchased for an automobile during a puff would be classified as:

a.Specialty items

b.Convenience movables

c.Shopping movables

d.Unsought movables

5- Nondurable movables embody all of the following except:


b.A refrigerator

c.An usual T-shirt


6- Guise fruits droop into the three categories of fads, trends, and:


b.Luxury movables



7- A discontinuous newfangledness is a emblem of new fruit that:

a.Changes the way we live

b.Never gets off the delineation board

c.Improves on an old fruit

d.Goes out of guise quickly

8- When a cereal union introduces a tawdry new granola, placing it at eye roll on grocery shelves and pricing it preferable than the two-of-a-trade, the union is practicing:

a.Skimming pricing

b.Psychological pricing

c.Target trade pricing

d.Product continuity pricing

9- The primary trudge in the fruit segregation way is:

a. Interest




10- Mass tradeing‖ is another tidings for the targeting management of:

a.Concentrated tradeing

b.Undifferentiated tradeing

c.Differentiated tradeing

d.Customized tradeing

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