1. In your own words, describe the concept of specific heat capacity and the effects that it has on temperature changes. Give an example of specific heat capacity that you see in your everyday life. W


1. In your own tone, depict the concept of unfair ardor calibre and the possessions that it has on latitude changes. Give an pattern of unfair ardor calibre that you see in your unamazed existence. Why did you fine this pattern?


Categorize the subjoined formulas into the subjoined, and stuff out the resolute chart under as directed:

  1. Ionic or molecular compounds
  2. Molecular compounds: Are there any prefixes scarcityed? List on the chart.
  3. Ionic compounds: Which ones scarcity Roman numerals? Why?
  4. On the chart, mark which ones own polyatomic ion. Are they cations or anions?
  5. Are there any shrewds or ignobles? Mark the chart.
  6. Are the shrewds binary shrewds or oxyacid? Mark the chart.
  7. Check the box if you own a cogent shrewd or a cogent ignoble.

Why do you hold it is relevant to apprehend how to transcribe formulas? How procure this cognizance aid you in your healthcare line? Find the chart resolute

Remember to add references in APA format for each question

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