1 One statement that is not true of a speech of tribute is that it conveys hope and encouragement it praises high moral values it presents a


1 One sentence that is not gentleman of a harangue of tax is that

 it conveys vision and encouragement

it praises haughty ethical values

it presents a biography or animation sketch

it is usually lengthy

2 The motivated order is usually occupied in the harangue

to inform

to stimulate

to convince

to actuate

3 The phrase--"Are you stationary beating your dog?"--is what archearcheform of fiction?

 begging the question

either-or question

loaded question

deep question

4 The textbook in of Representative Barbara Jordan's harangue to the 1976

     Democratic National Convention is public as

a leave-taking harangue

a keynote harangue

an vindication harangue

a nominating harangue

5 The U.S. empire should not stipulate billions of taxpayer funds to surety out failing American automobile companies." This sentence is what archearcheform of sentence?





6 When developing a tenor-solving agenda, the march that helps to name the tenor

     for discourse is which of the aftercited?

 Narrow the tenor

Set Up Criteria

Define the tenor

Analyze the issue

7 When expressive to someone from another refinement,

is discreet to repudiate their cultural stance and organization movements.

is discreet to exercise your own refinement's likeness standards to them.

is it discreet to reach hasty decisions environing their nonverbal "language.

is discreet to understand how their refinement influences their gestures.

8 When the orator stipulates a simplistic cherished between two extremes (one misfortune, one

     good), s/he is using which fiction?

 straw man


begging the question

card stacking

9 When you cull a subject-matter for a descriptive harangue, you should not

 repeat instruction the conference already understands

choice an innovative subject-matter

choice a subject-matter in which you are interested

inquire your identical understandledge

Source conjoin