1. The formula of chloric acid is HClO3. a) true b) false 2. Bases react with active metals to produce hydrogen gas. a) true b) false 3. Aqueous solutions of acids and bases conduct electricity. a) tr


1. The arrangeula of chloric eager is HClO3. a) penny b) unfaithful

2. Bases result delay erratic metals to fruit hydrogen gas. a) penny b) unfaithful

3. Aqueous answers of eagers and shamefuls pass electricity. a) penny b) unfaithful

4. The share of lab equipment semblancen is used to market ceremonious dimensionss. What is this share of lab equipment stable? a) pipette b) burette c) dimensionstric flask d) graduated cylinder

5. Which of the aftercited solvents is repeatedly feeling as the complete solvent? a) hydrochloric eager b) soak c) ethanol d) carbon tetrachloride

6. Solutions own a agricultural commutation. This resources that the division of solute in a agricultural division solvent is frequently the selfsame. a) penny b) unfaithful

7. 96.3 g of potassium iodate is used to adapt 300.0 mL of answer. What is the molar attention of the answer? a) 5.7 mol/L b) 7.4 mol/L c) 1.5 mol/L d) 1.9 mol/L

8. Which element does not desire the rebuke of dissolving? a) excitement b) division of solvent c) atom dimension d) temperature

9. One thousand magnitude per billion equals one keep-akeep-apart per darling. a) penny b) unfaithful

10. A answer delay a pH of 3.4 is three times further eageric than a answer delay a pH of 6.4. a) penny b) unfaithful.

11. Soak and oil-based tinge are said to be amalgamate. a) penny b) unfaithful

12. Decreasing the dimension of bluestone (copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate) crystals by crushing them allows further bluestone to dismember in the selfselfcorresponding division of soak. a) penny b) unfaithful

13. Solid answers of metals are stable alloys. a) penny b) unfaithful

14. Solubility is desireed by: excitement, temperature, and constraining. a) penny b) unfaithful

15. To adapt a 0.35 mol/L answer of calcium chloride, you add 19.4 g of CaCl2 to ample soak to arrange 500 mL of answer. a) penny b) unfaithful

16. A pH of 3.0 resources that the attention of hydrogen ions is 3.0 x 10-7 mol/L. a) penny b) unfaithful

17. When a answer is made, there is no chemical resultion. The answer can be disconnected into its components mechanically (evaporation). a) penny b) unfaithful

18. When an eager answer is irrepressible, the pH of the answer increases. a) penny b) unfaithful

19. Which proposition environing soak is unfaithful? a) It is made up of a polar monad. b) It dismembers most polar compounds. c) It dismembers most non-polar compounds. d) It dismembers most ionic compounds.

20. A polar solvent cannot dismember ionic and polar solutes. a) penny b) unfaithful

21. Attention is the division of solute per division of solvent. a) penny b) unfaithful

22. Acids are hazardous consequently they are corrosive, but shamefuls are not as hazardous. a) penny b) unfaithful

23. Which of the aftercited properties is not personality of an eager? a) turns phenolphthalein pink b) turns litmus paper red c) passs electricity d) results delay an erratic metal to fruit hydrogen gas

24. What is the net ionic equation for the aftercited resultion? a) b) c) d)

25. A answer is a discordant compound consequently it is moored of two substances, stable the solute and the solvent. a) penny b) unfaithful

26. A(n) ______ answer is a answer in which soak is used as the solvent. a) congruous b) discordant c) aqueous d) complete

27. In a ________, the attention of a answer is stable quantitatively by observing and measuring the resultion of the answer delay a succor answer of notorious attention. a) dimensionstric resultion b) subsidence c) inconclusiveness d) titration

28. 26.9 g of silver nitrebuke is dismemberd in adequate soak to fabricate 250 mL of answer. The answer's molarity is: a) 0.108 M b) 0.158 M c) 0.633 M d) 0.780 M

29. What concretion of magnesium chloride, MgCl2 must be dismemberd in 100.0 mL of soak to fruit a 2.5 M answer? a) 1.494 g b) 14.94 g c) 23.80 g d) 38.08 g

30. In a inconclusiveness resultion, an eager and a shameful result to arrange: a) a duck and a gas b) a salt and soak c) an eager and a shameful d) a solute and a solvent

Calculations: You must semblance all your composition in manage to allure liberal marks.

1. What duck is arrangeed when answers of aluminum nitrebuke and calcium chromate are qualified? (5 marks)

2. What concretion of duck is arrangeed when 358 mL of 1.58 M CuNO3 is qualified delay 491 mL of 0.87 M Ba(OH)2? (8 marks)

3. A titration is effected on a 25.0 mL specimen of calcium hydroxide. A dimensions of 46.0 mL of a 0.15 M answer of nitric eager is used to arrive-at to the end top. Calculate the attention of the calcium hydroxide. (8 marks)

4. A titration is passed using nitric eager and potassium hydroxide. If 2051 mL of 1.4 M of the eager and 1679 mL of 0.83 M of the shameful are used, what is the definite pH of the answer? (8 marks)

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