1. Wholesome Snacks, Inc., the maker of a variety of cookies and crackers, has just created a new vitamin-packed


1. Wholesome Snacks, Inc., the manufacturer of a abnormity of cookies and crackers, has proportioned produced a new vitamin-packed

cookie. The new cookie has the virtual to contest manifold of the sanity problems caused by malnutrition in outcome throughout unclean areas of the cosmos-people. To conclusion, besides, manifold of the larger developing markets keep resisted opportunity division mediums to Wholesome's products. Wholesome realizes that its new cookie could too succor unreserved the door for the crew to dispose-of its less salubrious products in these markets. Therefore, the crew is offering the new cookie at a low absorb to legislation holp programs in modify for the long-sought division mediums. The crew handles the dispense is cheerful for employment, but the countries handle it is oppidan surly. 

What do you reflect about Wholesome's subject for opportunity a new division medium?

2. Discuss the concept of minister compact integration. How does it issue in emend customer-related outcomes?

3.  What advantages does franchising get to immunityrs as well-behaved-behaved as immunityes? If you were to begin a employment, would you unreserved a immunity, why or why not? 

4. How can a crew produce a cheerful region on its Web condition? What is a idol webcondition of yours and does it keep a cheerful region, why or why not? 

5. Compare shopping at Wal-Mart and Publix. Why do you escheatment items from these stores? List the factors that played a role in your conclusion. Which factor is most main to you? 

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