2 Questions 200 Words Each, Cite Work APA. Question #1This unit discusses Newton’s three laws of motion and how an object and an applied force react when they come together. Using the picture below di


2 Questions 200 Words Each, Cite Work APA. 

Question #1

This item debatees Newton's three laws of disturbance and how an end and an applied validity counteract when they conclude unitedly. Using the paint under debate how Newton's law of disturbance would dedicate? Elucidate the enlargement of the flames in concretion from the chair and began to flatten over the ceiling as molecules transitional in momentum. Does Newton's law of disturbance smooth dedicate to the momentum of ignition? The momentum of fume? Why, or why not?

Question #2

Hot air rises and frivolous ends bear. This as an development of life. From the paint under elucidate the life of the fume at the molecular smooth. Describe the life starting at the very tip of the flames flattening from the window. Is the fume laminar or boisterous? Why, or why not?

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