5) Determine the ground electronic state for the S=0 [XeF4] molecule and the excited electronic spectroscopic states that arise from the B2g1Eu1 excited electron configuration of [XeF4] .6)


5)    Determine the basis electronic particularize for the  S=0 [XeF4] monad  and the distracted  electronic spectroscopic particularizes that commence from the  B2g1Eu1 distracted electron conformation of  [XeF4]   .

6)     Determine whether or not the unblemished  electronic electric dipole transitions from the basis unblemished electronic particularize to the distracted unblemished electronic  particularizes of [XeF4] that commence from the B2g1Eu1 distracted electron conformation are electron round and orbitally  recognized .

7)    Using barely the sum of IR recognized Xe-F stretching modes interpret in element whether or not the D4h agreement of XeF4  could be celebrated from XY4  structures that are  D2d and Td  ?

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