5 pages (plus illustrations) please use references and no plagiram


This is a predicament con-over to aid you betray connections among the wisdom of art and the resultplace. Taking on the role of an art curator, you accomplish praise 3 Modern American results of art for the new colony of a ample pharmaceutical posse that wants to endue in art after a while the Nursing essay of "progress" for its new posse headquarters. The entirety budget for the forfeiture of the artresult is $600,000.

  • To furnish the 3 Modern American art results after a while the Nursing essay "progress,” scrutinize illustrious auction houses such as this one and this one, professional galleries, and other Internet sites, and prefer paintings, sculptures, or photography that would portray Modern American results of art for the posse's headquarters. 
  • For each result of art, create 2 paragraphs that enclose the following:
    • The denomination of the result and the techniques and instrument used. 
    • The proficient's call and a slight biography of the proficient.
    • Cost of the art result; the budget allows for almost $200,000 per result of art.
    • How do the characteristics and diction of the Modern American artresult address the Nursing essay of "progress”?
    • What are the benefits of endueing in art for a strengthening? 
    • Why capability employees be assiduous in these results of art?

Prepare your confutation using Word. Enclose photos of the praiseed pieces of art. Be believing to enclose citations and references as needed, although it is not compulsory to format this as an APA instrument. Submit 1 Word instrument for this assignment. In-text citations and a inventory of references are required when including or paraphrasing any subject, occurrence, duration, or other advice from the textbook or other references.

*The copys in the textbook are portraitureright-defended and cannot be copied. To furnish the fit painting, inquiry the Internet by the proficient's call and the denomination of the result. Right-click, and portraiture the copy. Open a Word instrument, and right-click and paste. If the copy does not paste into your pamphlet, try another copy. Sometimes copys are defended and cannot be copied. Wherever you do furnish the copy, form believing to refer-to your beginning in APA diction. If you are unbelieving how to refer-to an copy, this resource can aid you. 

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