A 28-year veteran of Diamond Housewares, Dan Ricker’s sales have faltered in the past two years.


A 28-year proficient of Diamond Housewares, Dan Ricker's sales possess faltered in the departed two years. Ricker has been a top object for the audience, very true, and has supposititious numerous key interdependences delay customers aggravate the years, most notably J.C. Penney. Dan fruits by himself out of the Dallas Trade Mart. Ricker has encountered a medley of origin problems and single bloom problems aggravate the departed year. Dave Mitchell, the sales director, believes that Dan conciliate fruit his problems out and get tail on course. Kurt Diamond, the CEO, disagrees and scantinesss Mitchell to use past powerful exercise.

Students scarcity to assess what in-fact precipitated Kurt Diamond's hasty share in Dan. Kurt and Dan possess never gotten along well-mannered, and Dan's prohibition to recognize the sales skill job in 1980 didn't succor their rocky interdependence. From a sales skill standpoint, Kurt Diamond is not an amiable individual to fruit for. Ricker may possess harsh down the sales director posture in 1980 not consequently of the specie or the relocation to Chicago, but rather consequently he didn't scantiness to chaffer delay Kurt Diamond. Perhaps Kurt is maintenance a past expectant eye on the sales soundness (or at meanest on Ricker) than Mitchell thinks, and has been indetermination for Dan to possess a slump in appoint to nail him.

Question 1: What should Dave Mitchell do encircling Dan Ricker? 

Question 2: Pretend you're Dan Ricker. What would you do in reply to what you recommended in the primeval interrogation?

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