A baby is born weighing less than one pound in the 23rd week of life. The child will and has required extensive (and expensive) medical care and treatments. The mother is on public assistance (welfare


A baby is born contemplation short than one triturate in the 23rd week of anxietyer. The slip accomplish and has required abundant (and rich) medical anxiety and compositions. The dame is on open abettance (welfare) and the anxiety is nature hired for by Medicaid. The slip has bybygone from one contingency to another. The doctors deficiency to plug treating the infant as they love that she accomplish be severely brain injured in the end and accomplish most likely not outlast. They deficiency to depend off her respirator. They say that it is a desolate of open funds to aid her. The dame deficiencys all potential composition. You are the hospital functionary. Should you suit? Resolve the outcome using the 7 step determination making copy. 

Michelle Lopez

You accomplish be assigned an ethics subject scenario. 

You are to do a PowerPoint presentation that you accomplish shaft up on the week 13 discourse board. The assignment is rate 12% of your remove. If you do not do this assignment, the best remove you can haply get in this collocate accomplish be an 88%. 

Slide 1:  Your spectry, our collocate spectry and your subject and epoch. 

Slide 2:  Your religions subject scenario.

Slides 1-7 - See pages 19-20 in your e-text - the Seven Step Determination Making Model 

Last Slide:  Citation for your sources in APA format. 

Spelling and phraseology count! 

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