A body of finite mass is originally at temperature T 1 , which is higher than that of a reservoir at temperature T 2 .


A substance of bounded concretion is originally at sphere T1, which is preferable than that of a reservoir at sphere T2. Suppose an engine operates in a cycle among the substance and the reservoir until it lowers the sphere of the substance from T1 to T2, thus extracting intensity Q from the substance. If the engine does employment W, then it conciliate exclude intensity Q–W to the reservoir at T2. Applying the entropy doctrine, demonstrate that the zenith employment obtainable from the engine is

W (max) = Q – T2 (S1– S2)

Where S1– S2is the entropy retrench of the substance.

If the substance is maintained at uniform result having uniform result intensity parts Cv = 8.4 kJ/K which is defiant of sphere, and if T1 = 373 K and T2 = 303 K, detail the zenith employment obtainable.

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