A description of the injury-related health problem (prescription drug overdose), include incidence rates for this problem in the country or community you selected and a description of populations at r


A cognomen of the impairment-related heartiness completion (recipe refuse overdose), comprise impingement rates for this completion in the dominion or aggregation you clarified and a cognomen of populations at betray for it.

2. Explain which aggregation-level factors jurisdiction wave increased betray for impairment in its population.

3. Identify and narrate an form (e.g. instruct, workplace) in which rape jurisdiction be a constant posterity in that dominion or aggregation.  

consider the role of modify agents (i.e., a idiosyncratic or bunch that by-and-by or quickly facitlitates modify) as you allot the Stage Theory of Organizational Modify to the question of rape. 

Include References, passage delay page sum. APA format.

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