A gaseous feed stream at T=35 C and 2000 kpa Contains: The idea is to design a Pressure Swing Absorber (PSA) Unite to purify hydrogen a/choose an adsorbent that can perform the duty . State its ads 1


A gaseous pamper flow at T=35 C and 2000 kpa 


The effect is to plan a Influence Swing Absorber (PSA) Unite to clarify hydrogen 

a/choose an adsorbent that can enact the allegiance . State its adsorbent properties?

b/ Mention the quantity of the gormandizing needed ? 

C/Determine the bulk of the adsorption vessels?

D/Determine the influence and temperature and compositions for the work flow and the purify flow ? 

F/ mention the estimate of the vessels needed to finished the cycle? 

G / Find the saturation opportunity and the rising opportunity? 

Please contribute equations and sources for any used facts. 

Please use disencumbered influence congeniality  

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