A human resources (HR) manager wants to know if annual performance review scores can be predicted by the number of vacation days taken during the year and the number of dependents an employee claims


 A ethnical instrument (HR) superintendent wants to comprehend if annual execution critique scores can be predicted by the calculate of recreation days smitten during the year and the calculate of dependents an employee claims. She randomly pulls the recreation, W-2, and execution critique chronicles of twenty employees. The facts is presented  in the fast instrument 

Using the fast facts, run a interdependence matrix and then run a retrogression resolution in Microsoft Excel that achieve reply the ethnical instrument (HR) superintendent’s interrogation. Examine the results and investigate the implications. Write a 3- to 4-page article inveterate on the results and implications. Make abiding to embrace your facts printout and absolve your responses. In your article, address the forthcoming interrogations:

  • Identify the R-squared compute for this facts set, along delay the R-value. Explain what each instrument.
  • Describe what the F-test and the p compute mention us in unconcealed and indicate each for these facts sets and analyses.
  • Explain what can be scholarly from the multiple retrogression that may not be comprehendn from the interdependence matrix.
  • Justify whether execution critique scores can be predicted by the calculate of days of recreation smitten, dependents claimed, or recreation days smitten in association delay the calculate of dependents. Influence your lie.
  • Describe any implicit ethical or juridical concerns kindred to this exploration. Provide a rationale backed by decisive references to influence your lie.

Your developed consequence should embrace your Microsoft Excel computations and a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word instrument. Utilize a restriction of three scholarly sources.

Use the forthcoming headings and subheadings to construct your article:

  • Defining and explaining concepts
    • Prediction
    • R-squared and R-value
    • F-test
    • p compute
    • Correlation coefficient versus retrogression influence (beta compute)
  • Results
  • Discussion and implications of results
  • References
  • Appendix (Microsoft Excel printout)
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