A large, successful restaurant company with a portfolio of differentiated brands is about to launch a


A capacious, prosperous restaurant assembly delay a portfolio of differentiated disgraces is about to hurl a


restaurant concept in the U.S.A. determined "Blossom." This conciliate be a full-service restaurant oblation a

predominantly projectt-based menu which focuses on seasonal items using discreetly sourced, recent produce

wherever potential. The restaurant conciliate be positioned by its treasures: spotless eating, legitimate sourcing, and

community fabric.

You are to exhibit the role of tradeing manager for the new restaurant concept. You are required to

produce a strategic tradeing project for Blossom. Your project needs to include the forthcoming elements:

1. Executive summary: what the disgrace is, how it conciliate be positioned, who it conciliate target, and the primary

objectives (no further than two stipulations)

2. Current trade situation

a. Food trends (U.S.A.)

b. Full-service restaurants

c. Competition (direct/indirect)

d. Pricing

3. SWOT partition (consideration format)

4. Objectives

a. Year 1

b. Year 2

5. Marketing strategy

a. Positioning (extend upon the treasure affirmation in the hole stipulation aloft)

b. Targeting

c. Integrated tradeing mix: filthy Ps (product, pricing, settle, preferment)

6. Marketing controls: How conciliate results be measured? How conciliate tradeing examination be used?

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