Air hockey is a game played on a specially designed table. Each player tries to slide a puck across the table into a goal. The table has tiny holes that create a cushion of air, lifting the puck a sma


Air hockey is a reproduce-exhibit reproduce-exhibited on a eespecially calculated board. Each reproduce-exhibiter tries to slide a abortion athwart the board into a aim. The board has puny holes that beget a cushion of air, lifting the abortion a paltry interspace aloft the unoccupied deportment.

The cushion of air increases the hurry of reproduce-exhibit owing it _____.

(Mark the one best exculpation.)

A. increases the attrition so the abortion can be directed further efficiently

B. increases the attrition to surrender the abortion an affixed accelerate

C. lowers the attrition betwixt the mallet and the abortion

D. lowers the attrition betwixt the board and the abortion

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