Andrea is planning to open a fresh-pressed bottled juice business. There are 1,500 households in her community, and she estimates that 30% will…


1. Andrea is planning to public a fresh-pressed bottled juice interest. There are 1,500 households in

her sympathy, and she estimates that 30% obtain sign-up for the juice gift advantage. She obtain

accuse $60 for monthly juice gift advantage, and does not look-for anyone who signs up for the

advantage to repeal it for 12 months. The acquisition lip percentage for Andrea is 50% and the fixed

cost to set up the juice interest is $29,000. Answer the subjoined inquirys and parade your

calculations. You obtain not assent-to bountiful praise if you do not parade your toil.

a) What is the limb acquisitionability for one year (12 months)?

b) What figure does she demand to accuse to protect all costs and construct $160,000 in limb acquisition?

2. Go to the TapestryTM Segmentation website ( Scroll

down to the ZIP Lookup area and invade your ZIP principle(30096) to imbibe which limbs are the top three

in your area. Read the minute limb descriptions to imbibe further about them. (Limit your

answer to this inquiry to one page.)

a) Summarize each of the three top Tapestry limbs in your area.

b) Discuss the space to which you estimate these limbs are servile descriptions of the

people who stop in your zip principle.

zip principle is 30096

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