Applying Epidemiology – Community and Public Health Class Due Sunday 12/22 22


Epidemiology is the examine of epidemics.  Over specifically, it is the examine of the event and arrangement of soundness problems. Using any of the epidemiological techniques outlined in this week's chapters from the career passage, address the questions for one of the circumstance studies outlined beneath. 

  •  Epidemiological Circumstance #1: Gastroenteritis at a University in Texas  
  •  Epidemiological Circumstance #2: Norovirus in Vermont  

There are two tonnage to this assignment: 

Part I: Stipulate a diminutive announcement of the investigative result. Describe the epidemiological steps you would obtain?} by addressing the questions asked within the circumstance examine you chosen. 

Part II: Address the questions glorious at the end of your chosened circumstance examine. Your monograph should be at last indecent pages in diffusiveness, but can yield this depending on how abundantly point you stipulate on the epidemiological steps you obtain?} for your circumstance. You should use at last one affixed literary fountain in importation to the passagebook. Format your monograph and all citations according to APA diction guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. 

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