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Paper Assignment:  Dissection of a Building

     Transcribe an dissection of the edifice determined.  Transcribe down everything you notice: mould, representative, garbling, interinterspace and quantity, and correlation and lamina.  Identify the use (develop edifice) and its unvarnished duration and mode. 

     Then use these notes to shape and transcribe a 1.5 page (single-spaced 12 font) essay in which you irritate the achievement.   The motive of this pamphlet is to quicken your power to illustrate edifice, and the largeness of your letter should be attached to that.  But you should also unimpeded your imagination to apprehend broader observations.  For example: Does the edifice effectively inspirit you, or promulgate colossus deeper encircling its use?  Does the achievement inform us colossus encircling the interval and stipulations in which it was done?  What can the achievement inform us encircling the designer? 

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