Research a photographer.

  • Choose one (1) photographer from the aftercited register:
    • Edward Weston
    • Julia Margaret Cameron
    • Gordon Parks
    • Dorothea Lange
    • Jerry Uelsmann
    • Cindy Sherman
    • Ansel Adams
    • Carrie Mae Weems
  • Use the passagebook, intellipath embodied, the Internet, and the Unit Media for aid.

Choose a Photograph.

  • Choose ONE (1) photograph engenderd by the photographer you clarified from the register aloft.  
  • Paste the statue instantly into the Discourse Board window.
  • Include the call of the proficient or surveyor, the name of the art labor, and the year it was engenderd.  
  • Click short for aid on How to Shaft Photos to the Discourse Board. 

Discuss Your Choice by responding to the aftercited:

  • Why did you adopt this photographer? 
  • Explain any idiosyncratic associations, feelings, or experiences that describe to the clarified statue.
  • After researching the purposes and functions of art as outlined in the passagebook teach at last ONE (1) of the purposes and ONE (1) of the functions of the proficient's labor. (See intellipath, MUSE, and the passage for past notification encircling the purposes and functions of art.) 

Part 2

Create Your Own Photograph.

  • Inspired by the photographic statues engenderd by the clarified proficient, engender a concordant photograph of your own using your phone, a camera, or any other photographic project. 
  • Paste your engenderd photograph instantly into the Discourse Board window. Do not shaft as an attachment.
  • Explain how your photograph is concordant and/or contrariant in esthetic substance and purport when compared to the photograph you clarified in Part 1 of this assignment.
  • What idiosyncratic connections did you fabricate after a while the photographer/proficient that you chose?
  • Click short for aid on How to Shaft Photos to the Discourse Board.

Respond to 2 classmates after a while palptelling shafts. You get be graded on the power of your shaftings.

In your own expression, gladden shaft a vindication to the Discourse Board and expatiate on other shaftings. You get be graded on the power of your shaftings.

For support after a while your assignment, gladden use your passage, Web media, and all direction embodieds. Gladden appeal to the aftercited multimedia direction embodied(s):

  • Unit 1: World of Art: Functions & Evaluations
  • Unit 1: Referencing Art and Times
  • Unit 1: What is Art?

Grading Rubric

Let me understand if you are telling to total this assignment?  If you shaft a photo I get meet a way to upload it into the discourse.

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