Art History 4-5 page paper


I had one page preliminary chapter and stuff declaration summitted. 

You accomplish scarcity to edit my chapter according to the teacher's feekback.

The theme accomplish be environing Frans Janszoon Post's artwork A Brazilian Landscape. (Disscussing his achievement)

You solely scarcity to transcribe 4 further pages.

Format: 4-5 pages, wrap spaced, 12 stuff-stuff image, passages in end voice construct (these do not enumerate inside protraction), images at the end (these so o not enumerate inside protraction).

Using sources that your TA has current, plant on and amplify the perspective on the goal at agency using your elaboration. Try to cling end to the stuff declaration (wrap curb integral chapter to be unmistakable it is agreeing after a while the stuff declaration goalive). Try balbutiation proper the theme passages of the chapters (the leading passage should set up the stuff stuff of each chapter). Be unmistakable these furnish you a schematic overview of the brochure.

Tips: Try to meditate of the experiment of the discoverer. Consider having a ally, nativity distribute, or classmate discover the brochure and ask them to foe what is bungling, unclear, repetitive, or seems to vanish too far from your stuff declaration. Try balbutiation the brochure out noisy to see what your ear catches as bungling or wordy. Try to meet the pleaunmistakable in picturesque answerableness as star that can eliminate the purity of these goals. 


240 Points Total

1. The preliminary chapter as an chink outoutline that invites the discoverer to hold balbutiation. May use any construct, but is not slight to achievement if it proper names the achievement and its dates! 10 stuff-matters 

2. Preliminary chapter introduces the fundamentals of the goal and its reception. 10 stuff-matters

3. The stuff declaration is serene. It states an impression environing the goals that can be proven using free elaboration. 20 stuff-matters.

4. A series of three to five chapters that tie tail to the stuff declaration in way plants up to an discussion. These should inclose commemorative counsel that addresses the passageure and reception for the goal. This is where you use the elaboration passages determined over. 60 stuff-matters

5. Integral chapter has a theme passage that evinces what the stuff stuff is of the chapter. 20 stuff-matters.

6. A extreme chapter that restates the stuff in conditions that illusion you feel proven your stuff-matter. If feasible, in the disposal you may evince where the discussion would go if the brochure were longer or how you would reform the brochure if you had a semester to diffuse it. 20 stuff-matters

7. Catchy title: Should furnish public notion of the theme. Can be weighty, comical, scholarly, picturesque. 20 stuff-matters

8. Grammar: 20 stuff-matters (minus two stuff-matters per -- serenely incorrect -- exact blunder). Hint: Run a style curb.

9. Spelling: 20 stuff-matters (minus two stuff-matters per allurementing blunder). Hint: Run a allurement curb.

10. RESEARCH RULES: Using the sources that your TA has current, plant on and amplify the perspective on the goal at agency using your elaboration. Quotes should not exceed two outlines each, so solely use the distribute of a passage that supports or complicates your discussion. If you are tempted to use a name for a listing of postulates, don't! Reword the postulates and be unmistakable to quote   the  source of the postulates (so you don't get in embarrassment for plagiarizing someone's inexplicable achievement assembling it).  You must quote all names and paraphrasing. For passage constructat, thrive the Chicago Manual of Style Guidelines at:  40 stuff-matters

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