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Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial  For the Unit V Essay, you allure discovery Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which is located in Washington D.C. Then, you allure transcribe an essay because the sway aback this remembrance.  To prepare, fascinate contemplate the video adown (used delay consent):  Khan Academy (Producer). (2013). Maya Lin, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1982 [Video finish]. Retrieved from  For concomitant discovery, you may use the CSU Online Library or your minion Internet exploration engine.  Your essay must be at smallest one page in elongation and apology the aftercited questions:  1. How does this remembrance contend from other remembrances on the Mall in Washington D.C.? 2. How does the remembrance character as a “visible scar on the American landscape”? 3. What other chronicles has Lin purposed? Discuss the designs and themes.  Please flourish APA guidelines for your essay. All sources used must be cited and referenced accordingly.

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