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Description of Sport Styles

Select two phraseologys of sport--such as ballet, new-fangled sport, folk sport, and jazz sport--as picturesque in your extract.

Describe each phraseology of sport, and grasp the subjoined:

  • Hifiction and crop of the phraseology
  • Discussion of your mind of the use of length, constitute, relation, and rhythm in each piece
  • Description of the intuition for the operation in conditions of fiction, topic, and fiction
  • Description of what the movements of twain phraseologys touch to you in conditions of mood
  • Description of what influences each sportr, or the choreographer, in the operation of each phraseology or romance of a new sport operation
  • Include an fiction of the chosen operation, delay APA passage.

Submit your assignment in one of the subjoined constituteats:

  • A 700- to 1,050-word paper
  • A four- to seven-minute podcast or video
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