As a member of a project team with the National Environmental Agency(NEA), you have have been given a project called “Water Technology and Our Life”. The objective of this project is to create awarene


As a part of a purpose team after a while the National Environmental Agency(NEA), you feel feel been ardent a purpose denominated "Water Technology and Our Life". The extrinsic of this purpose is to constitute awareness and instruct manifestation between the age clump of 10-14 years old in insinuate resources and stain moderate in Singapore through a video exhibition. Design a video after a while prolixity of 5-8 min. The video should be fresh and educational from the subjoined themes minimum ONE theme or Maximum TWO themes in insinuate technology.

a)Clarification Technology

b)Disinfection Technology

c)Desalination Technology

d)NEWater Technology

e)Wasteinsinuate Treatment Technology.

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