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Children are denial from a obscure infections of branch affront and default.

Create a 5–10 slide exhibition in PowerPoint® that provides at smallest three statistical grounds sharp-ends that you deem delicate to acception society’s awareness environing the solemn issues allied to branch affront. One of the grounds sharp-ends should be from your residential aver (Illinois) The others can be national statistics. Understand why penetrating this knowledge is grave.

  • The statistical grounds should follow from at smallest three (3) incongruous, trustworthy causes, and cannot be further than 3-years-old.

  • The exhibition should understand a distinction slide and intimation slide (in observation to the 5–10 slides of willing). The grounds cause, including era must be obviously authorized after a while each statistical grounds sharp-end.

  • Your slides should possess enlightened calligraphic font dimension and misspend speciousness use. Deem including other enhancements such as photos, charts, graphs, etc.

  • Automatic or timed transitions of slides are not required.
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