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Written Assignment 3

The last purpose of this direction obtain be built on written assignments 2 to 5. From Written Assignment 2, each written assignment is structured to build upon the earlier ones. The last purpose which is too Written Assignment 6 obtain couple and incorporate the filthy written assignments into one last monograph. More details are serviceable in Module 6.Final Purpose Keep-adeal-out 2The rendezvous on the avoid keep-akeep-adeal-out of this purpose is to transcribe a 2-3 page (350 language per page) monograph in APA format addressing the aftercited topics underneath for the new technology or application chosen in the earlier written assignment. You should too apprehend as keep-akeep-adeal-out of this monograph any acknowledgements and resources used (e.g., websites, textbooks, catechism). Each written assignment should apprehend filthy or more references.

  • Type of inherent, redundant facts and dispense partition used to state dispense feasibility of chosen technology or application
  • Potential threats that encountered during dispense introduction
  • Specific crucial good-fortune factors to state good-fortune of deployment
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