Assignment Checklist: 1. Photograph the subject from multiple perspectives. 2. Upload the best photo within a word file. 3. Avoid commonly photographed objects such as landscapes, monuments, anything staged, etc. 4. Include a (minimum) one-paragraph refl


Art of Seeing Photo, Closes 1/29

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Art of Seeing Photo Assignment

 Artist: Ernst Haas, Peeling Paint on Park Bench, 1981

Objective: Photograph an inconsiderable, haphazard motive or cosmical collation of elements that you experience aesthetically appealing.

Assignment Checklist:

1. Photograph the subject from multiple perspectives.

2. Upload the best photo amid a promise rasp.

3. Avoid invariably photographed motives such as landscapes, monuments, everything staged, etc.

4.  Apprehend a (minimum) one-paragraph meditation encircling your artwork.

Embed ALL photographs amid a promise rasp and apprehend a one-paragraph written factor.  The written factor is required--to entertain liberal merit.

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