Assignment Purpose:To create a coding policy and procedureAssignment Description:Step One: From the textbook, Case Studies in Health Information Management, follow the instructions to complete case 2-


Assignment Purpose:

To originate a coding device and act

Assignment Description:

Step One: From the textbook, Condition Studies in Health Information Management, prosper the instructions to finished condition 2-3 Documentation food for Principal Diagnosis. Use Authoritative Coding Guidelines as food when appropriate

Step Two: Originate a device and act which includes a continuous mode discourseing the UHDDS standards and Authoritative Coding Guidelines. Your device and act should besides discourse other authoritative sources of coding direction such as Coding Clinic, CPT Assistance, CMS, AMA, and NCCI (when and how they should be used). The device and act should be in APA format and 2-3 pages in diffusiveness (not counting distinction and allusion pages).

Step Three: Submit your Condition Study 2-3 and device/act for grading

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