BNS*301- National Security Ethics and DiversityM4A1: Paragraph Essay: Unethical EnvironmentsThis activity addresses module outcome 4. Upon completion of this activity, you will be able to:Analyze the


BNS*301- National Security Ethics and Diversity

M4A1: Paragraph Essay: Undivine Environments

This earnestness orationes module product 4. Upon collection of this earnestness, you procure be conducive to:

  • Analyze the ways in which anthropological demeanor may diversify owing of an undivine environment. (CO5)

The mind of this earnestness is to scrutinize anthropological demeanor among undivine environments.  We enjoy selecteded two prison examples that put commonalty into undivine environments for you to scrutinize and assimilate. Look at the esthetic from the Stanford website (Links to an superficial residence.)Links to an superficial residence. and retrospect the esthetic build there. Also, tend the video encircling the trial from the trialer:

Next, interpret the reverberation encircling the Abu Gharaib [PDF Improve bulk 6MB] prison predicament.

After you enjoy interpret and intentioned the prison esthetic, you are interprety to transcribe your assimilate and contrariety essay.  You enjoy two contrariant interpretings that transfer settle in a prison.  One is a real-world scenario occasion the other is an trial where the reaction of subjects diversify owing of the prison trial.  You procure scarcity to oration twain resemblingities and differences installed on some considerconducive questions. 

You procure then assimilate and contrariety the divine issues surrounding the two examples of undivine environments.   

Write a 2-3-page essay in APA Format. In your essay, oration the subjoined questions:

  • Compare the competing values at stransfer in the Abu Ghraib prison and the Stanford Prison Experiment.  
  • Explain your exculpation. 
  • What birth in twain predicaments should participants enjoy avoided to do the equitconducive art? Why didn't they do it?  
  • Finally, expound the resemblingities and differences in each birth that caused diversifys in anthropological demeanor.

Recommended Resources:

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