BSHS 305 Week 3 Individual Quiz


In this paperwork of BSHS 305 Week 3 Individual Quiz Graded you conquer experience the replys on the contiguous scrutinys:

Directions: Select the amend reply for each scrutiny.

1. The tidings client refers to all of the aftercited EXCEPT

a. living-souls, source, neighborhood

b. working indigent, AIDS patients, underclass

c. Hurricane Katrina victims, Oklahoma City bombing victims, Mississippi River abundance victims

d. Students, teachers, coworkers

2. Two components of a quantity are

a. a denomination and a succession of action

b. a locality and a difficulty

c. an uncertain stuff and a claim for services

d. determining who the client is and what the client needs

3. Which perspective is available in determining client needs?

a. Hierarchical needs

b. Conflicting needs

c. Developmental process

d. Meeting needs

4. Client contentment is connected to

a. making new friends

b. talking environing quantitys

c. solving quantitys

d. making over money

5. Central to conception who a client is and what quantitys are encountered is the subject that

a. everyone is a client

b. quantitys are a natural sever of life

c. instrument are accurate for success

d. the foundation network must be utilized

6. Encouraging calling and promoting self-help are

a. the centre of scrutinying

b. foundationed by the function enhancement

c. the fruit of listening

d. the goals of the assisting process

7. One of the things a abettor conquer wait-on to anteriorly the client arrives is

a. the availability of records

b. the natural enhancement

c. season management

d. voyage arrangements

8. A temporization or technique that helps the client befit over snug after a while the enhancement and the abettor is

a. scrutinying

b. listening

c. handshakes

d. icebreakers

9. The limit during which goals are set is

a. exploring the quantity

b. tidingsination

c. intercession strategies

d. client arrival

10. Examples of scrutinys that are beneficial and alienate comprise all of the aftercited EXCEPT

a. Could you mention me a small environing yourself?

b. Why did you do that?

c. How covet possess you been ill?

d. How does that execute you feel?

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