BSOP 334 Week 5 CheckPoint


This improve of BSOP 334 Week 5 CheckPoint covers the present questions:

1. (TCO 9) The aftercited mark of ERP makes it estimable as a strategic planning tool

2. (TCO 7) Which MRP appropinquation is used for components or subassemblies to liquidate for variations in manage spell?

3. (TCO 5) Net requirements for Component J are as follows: 60 units in Week 2, 40 units in Week 3, and 60 units in Week 5. If a fixed-period, three-period lot-sizing manner is used, what get be the amount of the primitive adapted voucher?

4. (TCO 9) Which declaration touching MRP II is deceptive?

5. (TCO 7) Small changes in consumer insist can issue in ample variations in command placed owing of the _____.

6. (TCO 7) Effective minister compact superintendence has all of the aftercited benefits, except

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