BSOP 429 Week 8 Final Exam Set 1


This rasp of BSOP 429 Week 8 Final Exam Set 1 encompasses:

Page 11. (TCO 4) The initiative government, which earn succession jobs in the ordain they are current, is _____. (Points : 5)2. (TCO 2) In an assignment course drift, if it takes Abe 3 hours to found a birdhouse and 4 hours for a doghouse, and Betty takes 4 hours for a birdhouse and 3 hours for a doghouse, what is the dejected insist-upon (in hours) of assigning Betty to found the doghouse? (Points : 5)3. (TCO 2) A superior separation among manufacturing and use schemes in provisions of scheduling is (Points : 5)4. (TCO 3) Scheduling in use schemes may confound scheduling which of the subjoined?(Points : 5)5. (TCO 5) The proprietor and operator of the national exemption of Handyman, Inc., has filthy jobs to do today, shown in the ordain they were current:6. (TCO 6) Erection up an catalogue of rule accommodation or modules instead of without-delay pliant the high end items is the nature of (Points : 5)7. (TCO 7) With notice to suppliers, JIT schemes typically insist-upon (Points : 5)8. (TCO 10) Which of the subjoined is speciality of the JIT philosophy? (Points : 5)9. (TCO 1) In make-to-stock schemes, fluctuations in sales effect are managed through which of the subjoined? (Points : 5)10. (TCO 5) In an MRP subdue register, the planning horizon is frequently disconnected into a course of times ages determined (Points : 5) Page 21. (TCO 8) Elucidate how cellular manufacturing represents a ductile manufacturing scheme. (Points : 25)2. (TCO 11) State the filthy founding blocks of emaciated influences, and elucidate how unswerving and incomplex are the two sordid threads that run through them. (Points : 25)3. (TCO 9) Elaborate on the statement: The output of the scheme cannot yield the output of the bottleneck influence(s). (Points : 25)4. (TCO 4) Differentiate among inlimited directing and limited directing as two superior approximationes used to direct effect natures. (Points : 25)5. (TCO 12) The plea of constraints has a motive of maximizing progress through the solid scheme. (Points : 25)6. (TCO 2) Refer to the subjoined basis for jobs pause to be ordered at a solitary effect nature (jobs are shown in ordain of coming):7. (TCO 10) Respond to the question: Which is amend, MRP or JIT? (Points : 25)8. (TCO 1) The drawing of the MPC scheme is influenced by some key features of traffic call-for and result drawing. Name the key features that earn administer to an assemble-to-ordain scheme and elucidate the rationale. (Points : 25)9. (TCO 6) Traffic insist-uponments urge the dainty of the place-of-business sole scheme approximation. Describe and elucidate the character of traffic insist-uponments that would be uniform for an MRP-based scheme, along the lines of result drawing, result difference, result effect per age, result mix changes, and endowment register changes. (Points : 25)10. (TCO 10) Manufacturing policy also urges the dainty of place-of-business sole scheme. Describe and elucidate the strategies that loan themselves to a JIT-based scheme, from the perspective of WIP, changeover insist-upon, and order dainty. (Points : 25)

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