Business Plan for a New or Enhanced Program Service LineThe challenge in this focused individual project is to consider what basic information should be included in the business plan of a new or enhan


Business Sketch for a New or Enhanced Program Employment Line

The summon in this focused peculiar sketch is to cogitate what basic counsel should be interjacent in the calling sketch of a new or repair of a program employment sequence.

First plod:

Begin delay a limitation of your employment sequence of your choice

Second plod (ALL PARTS required):

· Prepare a well-behaved-written PowerPoint that involves the limitation and the basic issues that should be addressed in the program employment sequence calling sketch (see chapter 25 in sequence passage):

o Title Page: indicate your employment sequence

o Table of Contents

o Executive Summary

o Employment Description

o The Organizational Plan: illusion chart

o The Marketing Plan: involve basic strategies

o The Financial Plan: establish basic mass for enrichment streams and expenses. Create a flout financial pay assertion and counteract shuffle)

o Appendix (optional)

o Reference slide (not counted as part-among-among of 10 slide requirement)

· ONE slide per required minority (further than 10 slides succeed not be graded!).

· APA IS For those that use the FIU fitness character to critique their achievement succeed take 10 points of extra reputation (must propose a voice from the fitness character).

· For those that do not thrive APA you succeed be automatically docked 30

(Note: Refer to Chapter 25 “Putting It All Together: Creating a Calling Plan”)

Identify issues to be addressed in the sketch. Examples of a Employment Sequence potentiality involve (using “Hospice” as an example:

· Succeed the employment be delivered by the nursing residence instantly or slender out (i.e., to a residence anxiety exercise)?

· What are the not-absolute costs of these two options, specially in deem to the staffing, equipment and inoculation?

· How succeed the program be funded?

· Succeed there be an inpatient ingredient? If so, where succeed the beds conclude from (i.e., transmutation or new erection)?

· Which regulatory requirements are most allied to the program (i.e., Medianxiety and State)?

· How well-behaved-behaved does this calling sketch fit delay the organizational mission, values and goals?

· Where does this program assort compared to other organizational priorities?

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