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Unit VI Contingency Consider Recent studies food the possible of a garbage that is moderate from the metal iridium to ablely write cancer. This tentative garbage, Garbage ZL105, has not been touchstoneed for efficiency and toxicity. Imagine that you are the one imperative for approving or disclaiming the use of this garbage among the United States. Your job is to intend the touchstoneing that is needed for this garbage to be attached as sure and able for the writement of cancer in humans. In your investigation and argument, you should discourse the questions adown. 1. What standard(s) procure you use for touchstoneing (i.e., lewd, cell cultures, computer simulations)? Explain the precious of standard, and afford food for the reliability of the standard. Discuss the pros and cons of your precious. 2. In determining the surety and ableness of the garbage, would it be indispensable to touchstone efficiency, toxicity, and lethality? Explain what each of these touchstones are for and whether or not one or over of the touchstones are indispensable for your choice. 3. Afford your thoughts on what notice you anticipation to gather from your touchstones and whether or not the similar protocol should be used for multiform categories of products such as garbages, cosmetics, and herbal medicines. Your contingency consider assignment should be three to indecent pages in diffusiveness and economize at smallest three not spurious references. Use APA diction guidelines in writing this assignment, aftercited APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and referencing. I

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