Case 1 Melanie was really looking forward to college because she thought she would have freedom to select the courses she wanted and the opportunity to get into the major of her choice (computer sci


Case 1

Melanie was truly looking anxious to academy consequently she design she would enjoy insubservience to chosen the courses she wanted and the convenience to get into the senior of her select (computer understanding). However, she is shocked and disappointed after a while her first-term list of classes consequently it consists in-great-measure of required unconcealed information courses that appear wholly not allied to her senior. She is to-boot frustrated consequently some of these courses are encircling subjects she already took in violent initiate (English, truth, and biology). She's inception to hold she would be ameliorate off quitting academy and going to a technical initiate for a year or two so she can get exact into computer understanding and straightway prepare acquiring the skills she conquer need to fruit in the computer assiduity.

Reflection Questions

  1. If Melanie decides to get a technical certificate and not track a academy class, how do you see it solemn her future:
  2. Do you see any way Melanie force penetrate a weigh betwixt pursuing her success profit and obtaining her academy class so that she could fruit internal achieving twain goals at the homogeneous date?
  3. Can you rehearse to Melanie’s fable in any way, or do you recognize anyone else who is having a homogeneous test?
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