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Case Examine Guidelines:

Case studies are granted for students to stir, evaluate and synthesize race representative. Each quick and questions are multiplyial from the race passage. Please constitute firm each happenrence examine is written in APA format and name. Follow the directions granted below:



Gerilynn McDowell is a admonish nourish at Central Medical Center (CMC), a catholic city hospital.  She productions the afternoon vary on a public medical and surgical sole supervising registered nourishs, licensed serviceable nourishs, and nursing aides. Gerilynn is environing to wait-on her annual execution re-examination after a while Ruth

Knowlton, the nursing director at CMC. Let us face at how Ruth and Gerilynn are thinking environing the execution appraisal that is environing to happen.

Gerilynn’s Perspective

Gerilynn has been establishd at CMC for past than view years. She was earliest employed as a registered nourish establishd in a multiplicity of services, such as intensive prevention, oncology, and maternity. Decisive year, Gerilynn became a admonish nourish for a public surgical ace in the hospital.  As a admonish nourish, Gerilynn superintends all nursing activities on her sole during her vary.

It took a few months for Gerilynn to behove snug in her directory pose. She had been friends after a while frequent of the nourishs in the ace for years and she had tribulation establishing a name that totally the suited plane of warrant after a while a eligible equality of clanship. At earliest, Gerilynn opinion she erred by subpattern too chummy and accustomed after a while her nourishs, and she felt they repeatedly took service of her. So, in the decisive few months, Gerilynn has been establishd to establish a past businesslike manner in the ace.  She has been watching nursing activities preventionfully (specially charting and other recordkeeping activities) and believes this increased supervision has resulted in a flattener functioning ace. Of race, she has churlish some of the nourishs concurrently the way, and a few bear requested transfers to other soles or bear moved to other topical hospitals, but she thinks twain morale and obtainingness bear ameliorated recently and feels abundant past snug in her role as director.

In deed, Gerilynn is approximately dazed environing her upcoming execution re-examination. She feels she has literary a vast chaffer in the decisive year environing telling ways to superintend nourishs, and she is sharp to divide her insights after a while Ruth.  In deed, Gerilynn is thinking of proposing a grafting program for new admonish nourishs so that others obtain not bear to go through the "hit or miss" lore course she was confronted after a while on the job. She believes that instituting such a grafting program would be a enacted vary for the hospital; in deed, she's spirited in preface a inherent role in making such a program a key multiply of the hospital's grafting scheme.

Ruth's Perspective

Ruth is definitely not faceing self-assertive to her discourse after a while Gerilynn. In deed, Ruth abominates the execution appraisal multiply of her job, and she never faces self-assertive to feedback discourses. But she has put off this discourse after a while Gerilynn longer than she should bear, and convinced outcomes deficiency to be addressed.

Ruth has ordinary some exciting reports environing Gerilynn’s execution in her new directory pose. At earliest, she was not concerned--Ruth apprehends that it is repeatedly intricate to constitute the switch from sole nourish to admonish nourish. From what Ruth heard, Gerilynn was making a flatten transition and maintaining the high-quality relationships she had exposed aggravate the years. She seemed to be aftercited Ruth's public government of treatment: "Treat your employees after a while regularice and regard, and they'll recur the gift after a while stubborn production." Then, reports began to evidence that there was a vary in Gerilynn's manner. She had behove very authoritarian, checking out the diminutive details of nourishs' charts and riding them environing uncompleted paperwork. The pleasurable and collegial latitude of the sole had been replaced by what one disgruntled nourish named "an protected encamp." Frequent nourishs were requesting transfers to other hospital aces and some had equal left CMC. After a while the nationwide nursing shortage, this was definitely a drift that deficiencyed to be wieldd.

Ruth apprehends that she should bear chaffert after a while this outconclude antecedent, but things had been very assiduous, so she regular put it off until the annual execution re-examination discourse. She has a public "execution checklist" to re-examination after a while Gerilynn, but she is quiescent mulling aggravate how to wield the particle specific drift of Gerilynn's managerial name. She would abominate to bear to let Gerilynn go but is fainthearted it force conclude to that if things don't vary tolerably undeviatingly. Regular as Ruth is contemplating this drear opinion, her secretary lets her apprehend that Gerilynn McDowell has arrived for the annual execution re-examination.

Discussion Questions

What strategies can Ruth use for providing feedback to Gerilynn? Is it feasible for Ruth to set free feedback that obtain ameliorate Gerilynn's execution and not inducement encounter and contention?

What strategies would you applaud to Gerilynn as she enters the execution re-examination discourse? What pattern should she use during the discourse? How can she best touch her ideas environing a grafting program for new admonish nourishs?

What bark of execution appraisal scheme would you applaud that Ruth establish in the forthcoming? How could she ameliorate on her exoteric feedback name?

What varys should the nursing province at the hospital constitute to augment the role harvest course for nourishs? What temporization would you use for instituting a new grafting program? Would you let Gerilynn denote a key role in this program? Why or why not?

What encounter treatment strategies would you exercise to this plight?  

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