Case Study Guidelines: Case studies are provided for students to analyze, evaluate and synthesize course material. Each prompt and questions are derived from the course text. Please make sure each cas


Case Examine Guidelines:

Case studies are supposing for students to irritate, evaluate and synthesize order representative. Each brisk and questions are ascititious from the order citation. Please shape fast each circumcopy examine is written in APA format and phraseology. Follow the directions supposing below:



Gerilynn McDowell is a load value at Central Medical Center (CMC), a capacious city hospital.  She is-sues the afternoon alter on a unconcealed medical and surgical foot supervising registered values, licensed skilled values, and nursing aides. Gerilynn is environing to consort her annual execution revisal delay Ruth

Knowlton, the nursing aggravateseer at CMC. Let us contemplate at how Ruth and Gerilynn are thinking environing the execution appraisal that is environing to befall.

Gerilynn’s Perspective

Gerilynn has been launched at CMC for past than eight years. She was primeval employed as a registered value launched in a diversity of services, such as intensive heed, oncology, and maternity. Terminal year, Gerilynn became a load value for a unconcealed surgical ace in the hospital.  As a load value, Gerilynn manages all nursing activities on her foot during her alter.

It took a few months for Gerilynn to behove snug in her aggravateseery lie. She had been friends delay divers of the values in the ace for years and she had distress proveing a phraseology that in-one the befitting raze of example delay a appropriate equality of congeniality. At primeval, Gerilynn reasoning she erred by entity too chummy and well-acquainted delay her values, and she felt they frequently took utility of her. So, in the terminal few months, Gerilynn has been launched to prove a past businesslike manner in the ace.  She has been watching nursing activities heedfully (distinctly charting and other recordkeeping activities) and believes this increased supervision has resulted in a calmer functioning ace. Of order, she has morose some of the values parallel the way, and a few possess requested transfers to other foots or possess moved to other national hospitals, but she thinks twain morale and power possess rectifyd recently and feels fur past snug in her role as aggravateseer.

In truth, Gerilynn is approximately scared environing her upcoming execution revisal. She feels she has literary a numerous traffic in the terminal year environing conducive ways to manage values, and she is biting to divide her insights delay Ruth.  In truth, Gerilynn is thinking of proposing a trailing program for new load values so that others obtain not possess to go through the "hit or miss" tuition rule she was confronted delay on the job. She believes that instituting such a trailing program would be a substantial exexsubstitute for the hospital; in truth, she's zealous in preamble a immanent role in making such a program a key disunite of the hospital's trailing arrangement.

Ruth's Perspective

Ruth is definitely not contemplateing onward to her convocation delay Gerilynn. In truth, Ruth dislikes the execution appraisal disunite of her job, and she never contemplates onward to feedback convocations. But she has put off this convocation delay Gerilynn longer than she should possess, and regular upshots need to be addressed.

Ruth has ordinary some exciting reports environing Gerilynn’s execution in her new aggravateseery lie. At primeval, she was not concerned--Ruth understands that it is frequently perplexing to shape the switch from foot value to load value. From what Ruth heard, Gerilynn was making a calm transition and maintaining the high-quality relationships she had familiar aggravate the years. She seemed to be subjoined Ruth's unconcealed government of superintendence: "Treat your employees delay clemency and honor, and they'll yield the concession delay exacting is-sue." Then, reports began to manifest that there was a alter in Gerilynn's conduct. She had behove very authoritarian, checking out the peculiar details of values' charts and riding them environing uncompleted paperwork. The merry and collegial region of the foot had been replaced by what one disgruntled value determined "an guarded bivouac." Divers values were requesting transfers to other hospital aces and some had well-balanced left CMC. Delay the nationwide nursing shortage, this was definitely a total that needed to be touchd.

Ruth understands that she should possess traffict delay this upshot antecedent, but things had been very diligent, so she harmonious put it off until the annual execution revisal convocation. She has a unconcealed "execution checklist" to revisal delay Gerilynn, but she is stagnant mulling aggravate how to touch the mote peculiar total of Gerilynn's managerial phraseology. She would dislike to possess to let Gerilynn go but is apprehensive it government after to that if things don't exexsubstitute tolerably straightly. Harmonious as Ruth is contemplating this distressed reasoning, her secretary lets her understand that Gerilynn McDowell has arrived for the annual execution revisal.

Discussion Questions

What strategies can Ruth use for providing feedback to Gerilynn? Is it likely for Ruth to transmit feedback that obtain rectify Gerilynn's execution and not principle contest and rebellion?

What strategies would you advise to Gerilynn as she enters the execution revisal convocation? What copy should she choose during the convocation? How can she best co-operate her ideas environing a trailing program for new load values?

What bark of execution appraisal arrangement would you advise that Ruth instal in the advenient? How could she rectify on her general feedback phraseology?

What exchanges should the nursing section at the hospital shape to improve the role harvest rule for values? What strategy would you use for instituting a new trailing program? Would you let Gerilynn portray a key role in this program? Why or why not?

What contest superintendence strategies would you direct to this predicament?  

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