Chapter 7: Negotiating Sales Resistance and Objections for “Win-Win” Agreements


Chapter 7: Negotiating Sales Hindrance and Objections for "Win-Win" Agreements

CASE 7.2

Negotiating Appraisement Following a occasion A Taskmaster

Chuck Johnson and his sales supervisor, Tom Barnhart, possess been obscure to hawk DuraFlor residential fencing vinyl to Negotiation City Stores for frequent years. Johnson and Barnhart is-sue for McGranahan Distributing Company of Toledo. McGranahan's wields the DuraFlor length of alterable flooring fruits, which includes twain flooring tile and fencing vinyl. In the alterable flooring trade, the six competing superior creators all use "traditional" tradeing channels of defiant distributors, who hawk to retailers, who, in rotate, hawk to the sordid sordid or contractors.

Bargain City operates a manacle of sixty-five abatement stocks throughout Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, following a occasion headquarters in Toledo, Ohio. The sturdy concentrates on subordinate trades, and although they accumulation all the superior fruit lengths that other body merchandisers exhibit, they possess an laudable do-it-yourself fabric materials station. Don Schramm is the chief buyer for this station, and his diplomacy is to buy cheerful value at the low end of the trade to hawk in Negotiation City outlets. It is often disclosed throughout the perseverance that Negotiation City buyers constantly lack cheerful fruit property at the last virtual appraisements, following a occasion low appraisement life their top initiative.

The fruit that Johnson and Barnhart are attempting to hawk to Mr. Schramm is a low-end length of twelve-foot fencing vinyl flooring denominated Imperial Accent. This length has twelve irrelative shapes and fifty-six accumulation-keeping units. McGranahan's sold the Imperial Accent length to Schramm swell-balanced years ago, and the sales quantity was $250,000. Now, following a occasion Negotiation City's annotation, Johnson estimates the first-year dispose quantity should be past than $500,000. Johnson obsolete the transaction when another distributor exhibited Schramm a 15 percent abatement on a harmonious fruit made by Congolese Manufacturing. At the date, DuraFlor was reluctant to encounter the competitor's inferior appraisement, asserting that its upper infamy awareness increased retailer catalogue rotateaggravate and reasonableified a upper appraisement.

 DuraFlor controls past than 60 percent of the unimpaired alterable flooring trade, but barely 30 percent of the low-end twelve-foot fencing flooring trade. DuraFlor has tended to slight this trade accordingly the low-end trade is a fiercely competitive one. The manufacturing arrangement, denominated rotogravure, is so sordid that no creator has a competitive consume utility. The arrangement allows virtually any represent to be made into a shape. Thus, competitors can vision top hawkers, making it unmanageable to celebrate styling utilitys.

 Recently, Chuck concede-eard that Negotiation City's floating distributor for twelve-foot fencing vinyl is having financial problems and can't conceal its customers' stocks accumulationed. On the casualty that Negotiation City might be seeming for a new supplier, Tom denominated Mr. Schramm and was gleeful to concede-ear him consturdy a sales flatter Nursing Assignment following a occasion him and Chuck.

 Chuck and Tom possess ruled to ask the DuraFlor purlieus supervisor, Ron Harris, to enjoy-a-share in the sales exhibition to Negotiation City accordingly to win the Negotiation City transaction his sturdy must ultimately inferior the appraisement to McGranahan Distributing. McGranahan's floating acquisition latitude is 24 percent on the DuraFlor fruit.

 In the pre-flatter diplomacy encountering, Johnson, Barnhart, and Harris determine to preshearty Imperial Accent's improved styling and other fruit features. They get sharp-end out the catalogue rotateaggravate benefits it exhibits Negotiation City accordingly of its proud infamy awareness following a occasion the stock's customers. The three of them combine that they get possess to do some "paper-and-pencil" hawking by demonstrating in unfair mass how acquisitionable the DuraFlor length would be for Negotiation City. They too combine that Johnson and Barnhart get end the sales flatter following a occasion a re-examination of the catalogue monitoring, apt introduction, and sales living that McGranahan's can contribute.

After indetermination in the lobby of Negotiation City's enlightened headquarters fabric for thirty-five minutes, a receptionist leads the three men to Mr. Schramm's station. Schramm's aider buyer, Sixto Torres, is too there and, spectacle the three of them hesitate in, comments, "Oh boy, they're bearing in the big guns today. We're in for a authentic dog-and-pony exhibition, Boss." Everybody laughs, and greetings are exchanged all encircling.

Then Tom Barnhart says, "We value the opening to re-examination the merits of the Imperial Accent length following a occasion you today, Don. I'm hearty by the falsification of our encountering that you'll combine that it exhibits an charming acquisition opening for Negotiation City."

 "I'll be the authority of that," snaps Schramm, rare menacingly aggravate his bifocals occasion inclination presumptuous in his chair.

 "Here are the twelve shapes in the Imperial Accent length," says Chuck Johnson, as he lays the shapes precedently Schramm and Torres. "As you can see, DuraFlor has restyled the length following a occasion five new shapes, including geometric designs, floral, and the constantly-popular brick shapes. We've too shiningened the tinge palette in the length accordingly trade elimination has exhibitionn us that low-end buyers further shininger tinges."

 "What do you contemplate of this shape, Sixto?" asks Harris, holding up a shining red, rather fine thirty-six-by-thirty-six-inch scantling.

"It's authenticly loathsome," replies Torres. "I wouldn't possess it in my offspring. But who cares what I contemplate encircling the shape—how does it hawk?"

 "It's infamy new, and we don't possess any axioms on it yet," answers Harris.

Barnhart jumps in. "Don, Sixto, here's a schedule of the top twenty-five hawkers nationwide, by tinge and by shape. We intimate you initiate by accumulationing all the shapes to see how they hawk in your irrelative trades. We'll ship new catalogue aptly to any of your stocks as needed."

Schramm leans presumptuous, "Mm, so we won't possess to accumulation everyobject in our magazine?"

"That's lawful, Don, we'll wield all the catalogue concerns and my salespeople get constantly flatter on all of your stocks to bear-environing hearty the twelve-inch flatten racks are largely accumulationed," says Barnhart.

Harris chimes in, "The Imperial Accent length is authenticly future on hearty of-late, Don." Holding up a scantling of the new embossing, he continues, "Our improved rotogravure arrangement allows us to emboss the fruit now, enabling it to cloke subfloor irregularities rectify than any fruit on the trade. We're too using new 'hi-fidelity' inks that concede these shininger tinges."

Schramm puts his glasses on and folds his struggle as his aider picks up one of the scantlings and compares it to a scantling of the Congolese fruit they are now conveying. "This doesn't seem any irrelative from the Congolese fruit," says Torres. "How frequent mils is the hollow lamina on your fruit?"

"Eight," says Harris.

"Congolese has a ten-mil hollow lamina," replies Torres.

"That's accordingly they cross-examine it up following a occasion air. We don't do that. Our elimination exhibitions this fruit is the most stable in its fruit tabulate." Harris is jaded of competitors making claims that involve superior durability, occasion what they're doing is literally blowing hot air into the fruit. DuraFlor has constantly been stationary in its fruit claims, possibly too stationary.

Harris continues talking, interrupting Barnhart, who is encouraging the discourse tail to what McGranahan's can do for Negotiation City. "Don, seem at this acquisition opening," says Harris, handing a fencing of Nursing essay to Schramm. "If you buy Accent from McGranahan's at two dollars and five cents per balance yard and hawk it for three ninety-nine, you'll bear-environing almost 49 percent shameful latitude. Now following a occasion sixty-some stocks, prospect flattens per stock, and swell-balanced rotates a year, following a occasion the middle flatten life, say, one hundred balance yards, that's a acquisition of $369,000. I perceive it get conduct a occasion to get the Congolese off your racks, but you could be generating these kinds of acquisition dollars in a year or two." Harris smiles and seems at Schramm.

Schramm crosses his struggle again and stares at the fencing Harris has put on his desk. He rubs his eyes and grimaces slightly. "Well, for one object, Ron, if I were to pay two dollars and five cents per balance yard for this fruit, Sixto would possess my job the next day. It's neat of you to try and aid me run my station, but if I made a 49 percent latitude on this fruit, it wouldn't precisely be a negotiation for the customer, now would it?"

"I contemplate Ron was reasonable obscure to sharp-end out the acquisition virtual, Don. Obviously, you'll be changing the mass to fit Negotiation City's tradeing diplomacy," exhibits Johnson. "And retain that 2 percent of all your purchases get congregate in a fifty-fifty co-op advertising stock."

"We're barely paying a dollar prospecty-two per balance yard for the Congolese fruit. Can you encounter that appraisement?" asks Schramm.

"We'll hearty try," at-once responds Barnhart. "What encircling it, Ron, can we get there?"

"I don't perceive for hearty," says Harris to Schramm. "Let me talk to the fruit supervisor and get a appraisement to Tom, and he'll concede a appraisement to you. If we can encounter Congolese's appraisement, get you concede us the transaction, Don?"

"Maybe," Schramm replies. "Come tail following a occasion your best appraisement and we'll see. The fruits seem harmonious to me, your styling has improved, and the co-op program is cheerful. But I'll seem at what your competitors are exhibiting precedently I bear-environing up my recollection."

"Remember, Don, we'll convey all the catalogue, benefit your stocks so the supervisors won't possess to retain to dispose, and submit the fruits lawful off our own barter so you won't conduct any surrender of hurt during introduction. And those consumes are all in the appraisement of the cheerfuls. You'll never get a beak for introduction mandible. What possess you got to miss? How encircling giving us a shot at the fencing cheerfuls transaction?" pleads Johnson.

"We'll see," says Schramm.

Later that week Harris flatters Barnhart following a occasion a wholesale consume that would submit McGranahan's a appraisement of $1.90 per balance yard following a occasion a regular latitude. Barnhart flatters Johnson into his station and asks if he get be geting to conduct a 2 percent errand instead of 3 percent in dispose to aid bridge the 8 percent gap. Thinking that it is discriminating to encounter the competitor's appraisement of $1.82 in dispose to win the transaction, Johnson combines to conduct the cut in his errands. Barnhart flatters Schramm following a occasion the appraisement of $1.82 per balance yard, re-examinations all the benefits of the Imperial Accent length and the benefits contributed by McGranahan's, and asks for the dispose. Schramm says he get let him perceive in a few days, following he concede-ears from other suppliers.

When Schramm flatters tail three days succeeding, he says McGranahan's can possess the transaction if they get conduct another nickel off their appraisement. Apparently, the Congolese distributor has inferiored the appraisement to conceal from losing the transaction. Barnhart authenticly doesn't possess a nickel to concede. He has already cut the appraisement to the annoyance, and another nickel off get bear McGranahan's shameful latitude to 17 percent, not too charming because all the benefits they get be providing. Barnhart contemplates for a few minutes, then flatters Johnson in to examine the new conditions that Negotiation City is beseeching.

Reprinted following a occasion dispensation of James T. Strong, Dean, California State University, Dominguez Hills.


1.Should McGranahan's inferior the appraisement to Negotiation City by another five cents? Should Johnson combine to conduct an polite-balanced inferior errand to win the dispose?

2.How auspicious do you contemplate Johnson, Barnhart, and Harris were in negotiating appraisement hindrance during the   sales flatter? What types of techniques did Johnson, Barnhart, and Harris use to pass hindrance? Do you contemplate past retention could possess won the three-member sales team the Negotiation City dispose?

3.Do you contemplate it was a cheerful subject to bear Ron Harris, the purlieus supervisor of DuraFlor, along to aid bear-environing the sales exhibition to Negotiation City? Why or why not?

4. How polite aggravateall did the sales team (Johnson, Barnhart, and Harris) do in negotiating concessions? What, if everything, should they possess performed irrelatively?

5.What would you instruct Chuck Johnson and Tom Barnhart to say in responding to Mr. Schramm's beseech for another nickel cut in appraisement to win the Negotiation City transaction?

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