Compare/Contrast Essays——minimum two FULL pages


 Compare/Contrast Essay

 In dispose to collect some of the basic skills inevitable to learning and expand a dignified decomposition of a toil of art, you conquer transcribe 2 Compare/Contrast essays> Each essay conquer parallel two toils of art rest in the textbook. The preoption of artworks for each brochure is up to the novice, but must be clarified simply from chapters genial in our order (and it is recommended that you appropriate toils that we own genial in our lection antecedent to the due limit of the assignment). You may not transcribe environing any toil of art that you own already written environing in your weekly Discussion Boards. Please interpret all 4 pages of this assignment equivocation precedently inauguration your toil.

Your dignified decomposition must be:

                  - insufficiency two FULL pages (apex 2.5 pages)

                  - double-spaced in a 12-point decipherable font

                  - MLA deviseat delay a Works Cited page. (See the MLA Style Manage rest underneathneath Order    


                  - The style of paintings, plastic-works, photographs, printmaking toils of art should ALWAYS be in


                  - Be true of what balance of art you are associatering to. Not all toils of art are “pictures”; do a

                       diminutive learning and associate to it as a painting, plastic-work, toil of edifice, photograph, etc.

                  -Wikipedia is not an enlivening commencement. This is a user generated delay diminutive to no circumstance checking

                       so the knowledge cannot be investigateed certain.

The pristine arrange of your decomposition is to meet knowledge environing the toils and their appertaining professors, and to muniment that knowledge. Use the equivocation supposing to aid you infer weighty knowledge. Be strong to apprehend knowledge environing the feasible professor influences and associateence any distinctive stuff stuff depicted in the toils. After you own had a fortune to learning the basic knowledge environing your detail toils of art, try to reslow it using the elements of art that we own discussed in arrange.

The cooperate arrange of the assignment conquer apprehend initiative the knowledge you own environing the toils (including your decomposition of the elements of art, stuff stuff and professoric resources), and presenting it in essay devise.

The third and last arrange of your decomposition conquer be to compel-glossy your congeniality and to compel any changes inevitable precedently the next arrange. THIS FINAL DRAFT IS DUE, ATTACHED TO THE SUBMISSION POINT, BY SUNDAY AT 11:59 P.M. OF THE SESSION IN WHICH IT IS DUE. SEE COURSE CALENDAR AND SESSION FOLDERS FOR DUE DATES.


All commencements should be cited and apprehendd in the Works Cited page. Citations should be in MLA deviseat. Plagiarism conquer end in a nothing (0) for the assignment and the province for examination respecting the originality of a brochure rests delay you, not the tutor.

• If you are listless on the due limit it is your province to compel strong the brochure or plan is stagnant crabbed in on spell.

• Slow brochures and plans may be certain delay the forthcoming slow penalties:

o If it is crabbed in delayin 24 hours of the due limit there conquer be a 10% abatement.

o After 24 hours and up to 2 DAYS there conquer be a 50% abatement.

o After 2 DAYS the brochure or plan conquer no craveer be certain for honor.

Compare/Contrast Essay –

The Dignified Decomposition

Your decomposition conquer rest of two typewritten pages environing the toils that you own clarified. This decomposition conquer be in provision devise, delay an initiatory provision, a falsification provision, and at lowest three assemblage provisions. Your dignified decomposition must be two bountiful pages, double-spaced in a 12-point decipherable font (Times New Roman preferred), and in MLA deviseat delay a Works Cited page. Each provision should be moored of at lowest three passages, delay no passage over than three sequences crave.

Some of the things that you may insufficiency investigate in your decomposition are:

Subject stuff – What is depicted in these toils? Does the stuff stuff apprehend any images from old-era mythology or Biblical stories? Is the stuff stuff a reflecting of the spell and locate in which the professors lived? Were these toils done for a glorious well-doer? Apprehend the spectry of the donor(s) sponsoring the toil, if these persons are disclosed.

Artistic resources – How were these toils made, and what are they made from? Are these professors disclosed for any distinctive techniques in their toil? How do these toils parallel delay other toils from this professor or other professors from the identical era?

Elements of Art – Reslow each one for your toils; as-well investigate the Principles of Design in your decomposition.

Be strong to agree ease transitions among all of your provisions. Examples: “Another way that the professor has shown the connection among colors in the toil is…. The speedy, docile use of sequence is mirrored in the texture through…. As we progress acrave the visage, we as-well see….”

Spelling and grammar are as weighty to your concern as any other air of the toil, if not over so. If your toil has spelling or positive errors, then it is apparent that you own not put abundant attempt into the concern and your pace conquer be improbable.

Helpful Websites for Preparing the Compare/Contrast Essay

Writing a Compare/Contrast Art History Essay, from the Academy of Art University

Writing the Art History Paper, from the Dartmouth University Congeniality Program

Compare/Contrast Guide, from the ReadWriteThink Site

Helpful Art Links

Mark Harden's Artchive

-click on the Mona Lisa to path a listing of professors and their toil

Christopher Witcombe's Art History Resources on the Web

Worldwide Art Resources

Researching a Toil of Art: Gathering the Basics

Use this brochure as a manage in the decomposition of each of your toils of art. You may insufficiency to compel two copies of this equivocation – one for each toil.

Artist: _________________________________________________________________

Year born/year died: ____________________________________________________

Influences? _____________________________________________________________

Style associated delay this professor: ____________________________________________

Title of toil: ___________________________________________________________

Background info on toil: ________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Critical Decomposition of the Work:

Line: __________________________________________________________________


Shape/Form: ____________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Color: _________________________________________________________________


Value: _________________________________________________________________


Texture: ________________________________________________________________


Space: _________________________________________________________________


Source combine