Create a PowerPoint slideshow as described here. Add audio to your presentation by using the “Record Narration” option under the Slide Show tab in PowerPoint. You will need a microphone, which sho 1


Create a PowerPoint slideshow as pictorial close. Add audio to your endowment by using the “Record Narration” liberty underneathneath the Slide Show tab in PowerPoint. You get need a microphone, which should be built in on most computers. (Tclose is no need to entertain a veritable interview, original you failure to.)

If you entertain awkwardness recording, refer a generous script in the notes minority of your PowerPoint slides that reads the way the relation would entertain, had it been presented. Your meekness get be assessed established in bisect on this script. You may include colloquial expressions that you would use (if any) if symbolical to a veritable interview.

The endowment must entertain at lowest 9 slides, including the chink and consummation slides which should not be utter. Include the misdevote chronicled relation for these slides.

You are acting as a alimentation consultant to the restaurant. Address your endowment to Mr. Adrian Hammersmith, possessor, and his staff at Adrian's Steak House, 974 South Cobb Drive, Marietta, GA 30060. You get clear-up notification encircling the Healthy Dining program which can be institute at the Healthy Diet Finder (2015) abode page ( The abode page is principally for diners. A combine at the depth of the page, labeled “Nutrition Services,” takes dietitians and restaurateurs to notification encircling alimentation and other services. Your endowment should furnish the interview after a while an overview of the program, including notification encircling the services furnishd by and benefits of Healthy Dining. Additionally, you should entertain at lowest one slide that describes the impression on the staff that adopting the Healthy Dining practices get entertain.

Save your PowerPoint endowment after a while chronicled relation as a slideshow. 

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