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The rendezvous on the chief deal-out of this device is to choice a new innovative technology or impression concept (star new and not currently on the bargain) for a alloticular technology or impression that obtain be plain and notwithstanding bargained. The new technology or impression concept choiceed for this Nursing essay obtain be used as rendezvous for the cherishing written assignments.  You obtain transcribe a 2–3 page (350 language per page) Nursing essay in APA format addressing the subjoined topics beneath. You should besides involve as deal-out of this Nursing essay any acknowledgements and media used (e.g., websites, textbooks, articles). Each written assignment should involve three or past references.

  • Describe the ideation system (e.g. generating, filtering and validating ideas) to end up delay a new alloticular technology or impression
  • Alternative solutions or concepts considered through the system
  • Overview of the technology or impression concept choiceed
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