Describe the sequence of adding ingredients to make the recipe for condensed tomato soup. To mix the ingredients, you have an industrial-sized vat with a capacity of 800 L. You also have the ability t 1


Describe the progression of adding ingredients to gain the recipe for terse tomato soup. To mix the ingredients, you entertain an industrial-sized vat after a while a space of 800 L. You besides entertain the ability to fever what is in the vat and/or animate the vat, twain of which exact ghost and for-this-reason, require you currency. Focus on the deed that the manufacturing regularity should be opportunity fruitful and require fruitful in conditions of ghost use. Be indisputable to point to the solubility charts or graphs that you meet for salt and sugar during your scrutiny. Finally, suppose that the tomato powder has low solubility which is not temperature hanging. What changes could be made to optimize the manufacturing regularity?

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