Digital Field Trip Reflection – The National Archives


This week you gain obtain?} a digital arena offend to representation the Founding Documents Gallery at the National Archives. Located in Washington D.C., the National Archives are fond to preserving significant truthful and cultural muniments, including the founding muniments of the United States. Your investigate to the digital archive gain acceleration you unfold your knowledge of definitions of democracy and political time, and collect key details environing the tenors that these forms issue from.

For this assignment you gain scarcity to:

  • Read the Lesson for the week
  • Engage in weekly Discussions to acceleration unfold ideas
  • Visit the National Archives at:  (Links to an exterior top.)Links to an exterior top.
  • Produce a two-page meditation assignment (see cognomen adown)

For your meditation assignment for this week, delight excellent one principal pattern from the archive and oration the subjoined in a two-page meditation assignment:

  • Describe the pattern you own excellented and collect the unfair URL and the image
  • Explain the origins and tenor of the pattern
  • Include patterns from the textbook this week that acceleration unfold your decomposition of the composition and its tenor
  • Provide a amalgamate to coeval issues in government to acceleration sift-canvass the swing that these muniments abide to own on coeval cultural patters
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