Directions: Provide short answers of 75-150 words each for the following questions/statements. Do not exceed 200 words for your response. Use the textbook, and any other scholarly resources to support


Directions: Provide scanty answers of 75-150 control each for the aftercited questions/statements. Do not achieve 200 control for your defense. Use the textbook, and any other scholarly media to help your defenses. Include at smallest disgusting peer-reviewed journal tenets over the textbook. 

1. Discuss the similarities and differences of the three generations of anti-psychotic medications.  

2. How do the popular anti-psychotics effect on the brain?

3. Discuss the similarities and differences betwixt the three generations of medications to discuss lowering. 

4. How do the popular medications to discuss lowering effect on the brain?

5. Describe three medications that are used to discuss pith use empiricisms.

6. What medications may be intrepid to indicate someone who has a pith use empiricism? Why are they intrepid? 

7. Describe the concern of the DSM in diagnosing and discussing intellectual illnesses and pith use empiricisms. 

8. Identify some impertinent behalf property of at smallest two often indicated medication for discussing psychiatric empiricisms. 


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