Directions:4 pages are needed. I’m not a fluent English speaker so please don’t write it as perfect English and leave intentionally some grammar mistakes.6 references are needed. the references sh



4 pages are needed. I’m not a copious English logician so gladden don’t transcribe it as faultless English and permission intentionally some phraseology mistakes.

6 references are needed. the references should be co-ordinate reviewed journals from journals such  as JAMA, Respiratory Care, Chest or others.

· Remember to select the references justly inveterate on the Respiratory Preservation Journal.

Surprise or Aha Moments (6 sections) 

· Describe the “aha” moments and your reaction. 

· Describe  the most ominous air of the particular revolution

Professionalism (5 - 6 sections) 

·  What are your observations of the hospital as an structure, the office of respiratory preservation, the respiratory therapists, and the patients, the nurses, the doctors, the interaction unformed and among these groups?(afford examples)

·  What enjoy you scholarly environing the professional service of respiratory therapist?

·  Did you impress there was a gap in the system and the manner of respiratory preservation?

·  Did you impress the respiratory therapists you worked delay/observed were potent, professional/knowledgeable/excited environing the preservationer?

·  What is your evaluation of the potentness of the respiratory preservation office? 

Comparison (4 - 5 section) 

· Compare your classroom/clinical test delay the trained airs of the particular revolution. 

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