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Provide a pigmy dissection of the production of art using the questions art historians ask and the say art historians use. Consider the resources (materials), methods, and subjects of the production of art, and the mirrorions of the clime and Contemporary Art motion.   How do the political, enlightened, devout, and political contexts collision the art of today? How does Contemporary Art contend from Baroque Art, which you premeditated precedent in this line? Now that you feel seen how art evolves balance period and throughout truth, mirror upon how your rendering of art has progressive since you examined the Arnolfini Portrait in the “Post Your Introduction” Discussion in Week One. What contendences are there among the ways you interpreted that production of art in Week One to your rendering now? How conquer these changes collision the way you judgment art affecting presumptuous? Your judicious column must be at meanest 200 say in tediousness.

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