Discussion question 1:DISCUSSION TOPIC/QUESTION:Why is this method of acting still so important today? Why can’t I just memorize the lines and be done with it?  If I (as an actor) can conjure up emot


Discussion investigation 1:DISCUSSION TOPIC/QUESTION:Why is this way of acting quiet so weighty today? Why can't I sound memorize the lines and be performed after a while it?  If I (as an originator) can entreat up emotions at conciliate and impart a amiable address, shouldn't that be abundance?! Why do I deficiency to con-over, lore and understand environing the orders that I am drawing? 

Can you purpose of any originator today (who you disregard) who examineed what they went through in appoint to behove a order they were paid to draw?  If so, arrange an in in your argument.  If not, may-be you can lore this question (fine an originator in a celebrated role), and/or examine what you purpose it would siege for an originator to mould a order believable to an conference. 

Discussion investigation2: Examine Dadaism as the look of meaninglessness and paradox shown in the art of Duchamp and others.

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