Dr. Walter White (Walt), a high school chemistry teacher and brilliant chemist, is diagnosed with lung cancer and urgently needs money for treatment. With the help of his former student, Jesse Pinkman


Dr. Walter White (Walt), a elevated initiate chemistry pedagogue and lustrous chemist, is diagnosed delay lung cancer and urgently wants currency for composition. Delay the aid of his preceding scholar, Jesse Pinkman, he starts pliant elevatedly clean crystal meth and partially establishes his refuse calling. In the mode of a refuse dispense bybygone badly, a equal herd guide, Tuco Salamanca, beats up Jesse and confiscates Walt’s meth. Walt decides to assume vengeance by shocking up Tuco’s headquarters and semblance him who the genuine boss is. He arranges a commutation of mercury (II) vociferate and silver vociferate in the body affinity of 95.0 wt%:5.0 wt%. Crystals of this compact commutation has a correspondent semblance as crystal meth but detonates violently inferior the slightest horrify. The reaction pay as adown. Assuming that it assumes 1 MJ (megajoule) of life to shock up Tuco’s margin, how plenteous influence of explosive does Walt want to arrange? (10 marks) 2Hg(CNO)2 ~2CO2 + N2 + Hg + Hg(CN)2 4AgCNO ~2CO2 + N2 + 2Ag + 2AgCN Heat of reaction: -270 kJ/mol Heat of reaction: -500 kJ/mol 

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