Essay Criteria:      Element: Lithium  I am looking for originality of thought, so use your own thoughts and references.  References should be in APA format. You can use some Internet referen


Essay Criteria:      

  1. Element: Lithium 
  2. I am looking for originality of deliberation, so use your own deliberations and references.  References should be in APA format.
  3. You can use some Internet references (no past than three), but I help you to use some books or periodicals as well-mannered. 
  4. I am looking for you to transcribe a complete essay, not proper a few sentences or paragraphs.  So, exhaust some space researching this subject-matter.  

This assignment obtain be merit 20% of your overall gradation, so do your best.     No recent assignments obtain be received.          Element Criteria:  Lithium    For your component, you should argue the following:      

  1. Physical and chemical properties (e.g. flowing top, effervescence top, density, reactivity after a while undoubtful substances, such as impart, air, etc.). 
  2. Compounds that inclose this component. You can argue uses of some of these compounds, if you eagerness.
  3. Abundance in the earth's protection (if it is a naturally occurring component) and potential isotopes.
  4. Uses and applications of this component and/or some of its compounds, in-particular in the medical, soundness, unwandering, and industrial uses). 
  5. History of this component (e.g., when and how was this component discovered?  By whom?)
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